Monday, July 20, 2009

In my garden....

Well not really but throughout my yard you can find all these beautiful flowers! I am a little dissapointed though.. something got into my early spring flowers and my columbine did noy bloom nor did my violets in front of the house! :( I think something may have dug them up! Anyhow.. We have lived in our house almost 3 years and each year I have added a little something to the yard and gardens that were started by the previous tenants! I have added several daisies of course and the beautuful cone flowers! The problem is we have a pretty shaded property so alot of these flowers fo bloom but take a little longer cause they are not in full sun!

I also had to share a sweet pic of some little bird feet... I was painting Jada's dresser yesterday and when I came back outside to see if the paint was dry, I saw a little imprint of birdy feet! A little bird must of landed on the wet paint! ;)

The kids and I are off on a little adventure today... Happy Monday!

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