Monday, August 1, 2016

Our wedding anniversary & heavy hearts!

We celebrated our second wedding
anniversary this past week on the 
27th. Our wedding was nothing
short of amazing, surrounded by
our closest family & friends! 

My friend & our very talented wedding photographer 
put together a little video of the day.

   While we are so thankful to be so in love
& celebrate another anniversary,
our hearts are heavy as just a few days
before we got the news that 
my cousins daughter had 
passed away from a rare cancer, 

I think we all had high hopes of her
recovering. Sofia was just 12
years old & the sweetest soul.

I shared the photo above because my
family is small & she is actually in the
photo with my family on the right. 

Our thoughts & prayers are with my cousin 
& her family this week as we attend the funeral. 

If you can please send extra prayers to Jenny
& Antonio. I know they as well as their other 
two children are going to need it to get through
this difficult time.

Don't take life for granted, live life to the fullest,
love as much as you can & let go of hate! 
Life is just too short for all that!

xo, Michelle 

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