Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Life lately...

I found this little dish yesterday
for .25 cents! I love it! :)
There has been a lot of dreaming over here! 

A few signs of Spring! I am loving 
the weather!!! It was 62 degrees in
Oshkosh yesterday & I will take it even 
if winter is not over yet!

Lately I have made it a point to thrift
all of my clothes & I have found
over a dozen dresses that I truly love &; most 
have been under $2. 

I am making it a point to get rid of something
when I buy something new!

I almost can't buy anything new when
I know I can buy a boutique
dress for $1.50.
I get many compliments on my dresses &
people always seemed shocked when I 
tell them where I bought them! 
I am ok with that, it's fun 
& I love thrifting!

Speaking of... I found this cute handmade
lap blanket, like new for Dexter & I think
he loves it! He has been on it
since I gave it to him!
It's so cute &
 I love the colors in it & it was $1.75! :)

We had a show last weekend in Milwaukee at
Discovery World! It was a fun day &
I REALLY love working with my hubby!
He is pretty much the BEST business
partner ever! 

Spring is on it's way & I am enjoying some 
down time until the 
busy summer season starts for me!

p.s. Be sure to check out our new blog..
for DIY's & our candle business!


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