Friday, January 8, 2016

Flapper girl style!

I have always been obsessed with flapper girls!
There is something so fashionable
& timeless about that era to me! 

I was in need of some inspiration the other
night & went a little crazy pinning
flapper girl inspired photos on
by pinterest page. :)

Here is one that I just love!!
(I do not know the original source
of the photo).

You all know how much I love headbands &
vintage so it only made sense! I have been 
making rosie headbands for almost 5 or 6 
years now & I really wanted a fashionable
stretch headband that no one is making. 

I also didn't want to buy new fabric! 
It's so expensive & restricted in patterns..
& again looks like everything else everyone
else is making. 

My husband & I went thrifting the other day
& I bought a ton of knit tops/sweaters/dresses
in interesting patterns to use. 
I pre washed & dried everything &
then came up with my own pattern.. even
the rough edge flower!

I am so in love with the result! I kept the two that
I am wearing in the photos above!
They are so comfy & cute!

Here is the stash that I finished. 
They are hand sewn so it takes me a little 
longer to make but a great project while
watching my favorite shows 
on HGTV! :)

I will hopefully be listing these in my etsy
shop soon as well as dispersing 
them to some of the
boutiques that carry my wares!
Happy Friday friends! xo!

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