Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall finds!

I am kind of loving Fall 
right now with chilly
mornings & warm afternoons!
October may be one of my
very favorite months.

Speaking of Fall, I needed some
new seasonal clothing items.
I have decided to try & thrift
95% of my wardrobe. 
There are just some things
you shouldn't thrift.. you know! ;)

This shouldn't be hard since I do this 
anyway but after 
buying a new & kind of expensive dress,
wearing it once & having it rip that
was it! 
I have been so happy with my 
finds! Today I found
this sweater for $2.39, shoes (never worn) $2
& the vintage knit hat for $3.
I also bought a few dresses
& spent under $30 total. 
That new dress that I was 
talking about.. was $40 for
one dress!

I also recently bought 
new glasses as my prescription
changed while ago. 
I found these cute frames 
at Zenni optical online. 
I bought both pairs
for under $25. with 

Happy Fall friends! xo!

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