Friday, April 17, 2015

I love vintage!!!

I have always loved vintage!
If you have been following for me for
awhile you know
that my b&m shops always
had vintage available.
When I closed my shop in Appleton
I had kept several pieces that I
just couldn't part with.
Here are a few that I recently listed
on etsy. I always  seem
to stumble upon
 great vintage pieces when
out & about so I decided to
share my love of vintage with you!

I will most definitely be
focused on my handmade business
but when I do find some cute things
I will be sure to
list them in my etsy shop! :)

I am offering FREE SHIPPING today with
coupon code at checkout
Be sure to head on over
& check out my shop...
I have to go be a soccer Mom
now! Happy Friday friends! xo!

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