Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's the little things... post Valentine's day!

My husband & I had a
amazing four day weekend at
home with just us.
We have lived in our
home just short of two years
& I am still trying to simplify
I gave our bedroom a mini
makeover last week &
I love it!
I basically just rearranged
the furniture &
changed up the pictures
on the wall.
It's amazing how different our room
feels & I love the new
arrangement.. it feels so cozy now!

Our Valentine's day was pretty
awesome! We went to my sons'
basketball game that morning,
 then came home, made
meatballs in the crockpot
& watched movies.
We decided not to get each other
anything because all we really
wanted was to spend some
time together just us....
.....like my husband said
"I don't need a holiday for me
to tell you how much I love you!"
I know he's a keeper...
& he made me my
favorite cheesecake
 from scratch!!!! ;)
I hope your weekend was great
& filled with love! xo!

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