Monday, July 14, 2014

The wedding countdown has begun...

Our wedding is now less then two weeks away!
I have been working on some
last minute handmade
details.. like this
Mr. & Mrs. sign.
I found the template online
traced it, glittered it &
just need to add the ribbon for
our table or chairs! :)
This is both of our second marriages
so we are not asking for gifts,
 lets just just say
after combining two households we
had, HAD a lot of stuff. We are finally
comftorable with what we have
gotten rid of & what we have kept!
With that being said we decided to
make a simple card box
out of a vintage picnic basket to
add to our "picnic" theme, so guests
can drop a card in there if they wish.
The top was a bit rough so I
painted it with chalkboard paint.
(I will show some after pictures soon)

I decided to make some
simple pennant banners for
the chapel & the reception hall.
We have to set up &
tear down the same day so I want to keep
the decorations simple.

  Everything is almost ready.
We just have a few more little details to
finish! I can't wait to marry
my best friend! He really
is! I can't begin to tell you
how lucky I am!!
(below is my Mr's ring box!)

& last but not least! I am in full market
vending season!
Last Saturday was my busiest
day this summer!
Thank you to all of you for your support
& for allowing me to do what I love everyday!
I promise to be back to
posts about dainty daisies soon! :)

Have a great day! xoxo!

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