Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thrift store dress makeover!

 I have been drooling over
all of the 90's inspired baby doll dresses
that are showing up online. I purchased
one for over $50 and was so disappointed when
it started falling apart after a few wears!
I decided to save some dresses from
the thrift store & make my own!
I scored big time! I have 3 dresses to
redo.. & spent $6.
The dress shown below was $1.99
& I believe originally handmade..
even better! :)

I used a dress I already had to measure
the length. I wear this dress alot
so I knew the length would be perfect.
Be sure to leave about 2 inches for a hem.

Cut it at desired length.  
Finish with a hem..

annnnnd.. wear! :)
I love the way the dress turned out!
I think this will be a new thing for me
although I have altered soooo
many dresses in the past!

I will share more of my dress makeovers
as I finish them! I am so excited!
P.S. It's not easy to
take pics of yourself! Lol!
Have a great day! xo! 

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