Friday, October 12, 2012

Food for thought...

I feel it's my job as a small business/boutique owner to remind everyone to support your local small businesses! I am now a single mother of 2 that is self employed with no child support..
while this is my choice. I find a lot of people, friends talking about groupon.. copy cat ideas.. walmart.. ect! It makes me cringe, those type of things do not help people like me..
while sales are down & I am still doing fine.. alot of the other business owners
I know are hurting as well.
While we focus on our crappy economy try to support your local Mom & Pop stores.. because if you don't we will all be gone.. what will be left? Walmart?? That will be your only option!
Make a conscious decision of where to spend your money. It is more important now then ever!
By supporting my business & other local small businesses,
the money we make goes right back into our
local Wisconsin economy & allowing us to
support other small business instead of buying that
2nd home for some big box store CEO!
p.s. I do understand that we do have to shop at box store from time to time..
but there are other options out there!
On that note Happy Friday! :)

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