Monday, December 7, 2009

Let it snow...

Jada drew this smiley face on the van this morning before she headed off to school! So cute! :)

It is supposed to be a snowy week.. just a reminder if the Oshkosh school district cancels school because of the weather dainty daisies will be closed as well. I am putting a little note up on the window at the shop today!

Thank you all who came out for the open house Saturday night & gallery walk! What a nice group of people.. it was really fun and inspiring! I hope you all enjoyed the cookies.. I had soooo many left over! I guess 4 pounds was enough (huh Mindy?? Lol!)

Have a good Monday.. enjoy the fluffy white snow Wisconsinites.. it is supposed to be coooold by Thur.! I am gonna clean out the garage, catch up on some christmas shopping and clean my house today!


1 comment:

Mindy Kuen said...

Who knew 4 pounds would be too much? I'm sure your kids enjoyed the leftovers!!

Have fun cleaning & being productive today. Lucky duck!