Monday, June 29, 2009

New (old) shop pics part 2

What a great weekend we had... the market was great! I think I almost had record sales again! Thank you everyone! :) I even ran into a girl that I went to school with since I was in grade school! She just moved to Appleton! We also got 4 free tickets to a water park in the Dells from our neighbor.. while it was fun, it was a bit chilly! I am just gald the park was free.. Jada loved it and went on some crazy waterslides that I am glad she did with Jake while I was with Max! I would of freaked out! She is quite the daredevil/thrill seeker!!! Yikes! We ended up driving a 1/2 hour to my parents and spent the afternoon swimming in their pool and grilling out! They litterally saved the day! It is sooo pretty where I grew up.. driving through all the hills and grass and farm land in the little beetle with the moon roof open was a perfect end to a fun day!

Here are a few more pics of the shop! Remember tomorrow is Oshkosh's celebration for the premier of the movie Public Enemies.. celebrations start at noon! We will have special hours tomorrow 10-4 stop on by & pick up your collectable trading card!

Happy Monday!


emily said...

Wow! It looks beautiful!

Unknown said...

Cant wait to come visit!