Monday, February 23, 2009

Our new *old* very old typewriter!

Look at this fun antique typewriter we got. I was at my friend Tammy's house on Friday night hand picking furniture for the shop & she had this old typewriter in her dining room. Tammy runs back porch gatherings and finds cute vintage, shabby chic flea market type fun fun stuff... mostly furniture. I will be selling her amazing finds at my new shop and the cool thing is they will double as display furniture! Her house is like a magazine. I was seriously in heaven! Well back to the typewriter.. Jada saw the typewriter and asked about it. I really didn't think too much of it until we got home and realized it is just like her American girl doll Kit's Typewriter (no wonder she wanted it) so I called up Tammy and being the awesome person she is, it was waiting at my backdoor when I got home this afternoon. It needs a good cleaning and doesn't work to great, but the kids are having a BLAST playing with it! :)

New pics of the shop coming soon! I was sooo busy cleaning up and putting shelves together I ran out of time to take pics! I hear I have created a buzz and people are really excited that I have decided to re-open! Plus the shop looks ADORABLE just the way I have been imagining it!

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