Monday, September 29, 2008

One crafty weekend a success!

Jada & I had a little crafty weekend planned. It was a huge success. The girls decorated American girl doll size tee's, pumkins & pictures. The martha stewart line stamps, stickers ect. I bought were a huge hit. We also made cookies thanks to my friend Kristin who also brought over a nice little Halloween style chex mix. We had a blast.
Jake & Jada went to the Brewers game Sunday..which by the way they won and now are in the play offs! Yay! So Max and I had our own crafty day which was spent running to the craft store.. they just opened a Michaels in Appleton and I LOOOOVE IT!!! then we went out to lunch.. and a quick stop by U BAKE for some pumpkin cookies for him to decorate! We ended the day with a little game of kick ball! :) Man am I out of shape!
After such a great weekend my Monday is off to a rough start! Our dog Buster had a seizure (he has always had them, but far & few now they are getting worse!)
I also got the kids to school just as the bell rang & Jake is working in Madison for the next 3 weeks! I am feeling a little frustrated!
On a better note~ I have lots to tell you about our month long celebration.. our shop turns 1 on wed.!

Have a great day!

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