Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fall leaves & Thanksgiving.....

I have not posted in awhile and I drove up to my house today and the tree in our front yard is soooo stunning! The bright yellow leaves have just filled up our yard... and I just love it! That is one of the reasons I fell in love with our house! The trees! We have about 4-5 mature trees on our lot alone and we live in the middle of the city! :) Fall is finally here!
I also have to thank everyone who came out for the Nov. gallery walk! What an amazing night! Thank you all who support or lil' shop! It is starting to feel like the holidays in the shop. I put the trees in the windows tonight and have been adding some christmas like fabrics and gifts. Misha just got in the most amazing all natural candles! Yum! We are getting ready for the holidays!
I also have not posted about any thrifting in awhile~ probably because I have had no time to go until recently! I am feeling a little caught up so I took Monday off from everything and the kids and I went thrifting! I found these cute vintage candles.... for Thanksgiving! I love them! (My pics are a lil' crummy~ I suspect a fingerprint on the lense!) Happy Wed.

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