Monday, September 24, 2007

Birds and some skirts .....

I am sorry for the lack of posting! I have had one heck of a week... root canal and a bad cold! I think the stress of trying to get the shop ready, find tme to sew up some new skirts and vending finally took over! I am feeling much better even my tooth! :) root canals sound so bad, however mine really was ok~ not that I want another but I am glad I got it done right away!
I keep forgetting my camera when am down at the shop, so I am hoping to get some new pics today! Tomorrow is my moving day... I can't wait! The shop is looking sooo cute!
New for fall...the A-line skirts have a new look. I have been making this style skirt for about 1 year now or longer and I have always loved them.. it is actually my favorite style to wear, but they needed something! I figured it out and gave them each their very own bird! :) I love them and I hope you do to! I have a few new ones to sew together. Shown in the pictures are the older skirts with their new appliques! I hope you like them! Have a great Monday! :)

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