Friday, March 30, 2012

A peek at my apartment... through the eyes of my friend Laurie Marie!

The other night I hosted wine Wednesday with a group of ladies that have become very special to me! We laugh, act silly, listen to music, tweet crazy things that no one understands but us! Yeh.. it's silly but we have so much fun! :)

So I had run outside for a minute & when I came back in my friend Laurie of Laurie Marie Photography was snapping some pics of my apartment on her Iphone!
I loved them all so much that I decided to share them with you! You have to check out her website & her blog! She is an AMAZING photographer & really I am not just saying that cause she is one of my Best Friends! She is AMAZING!!!

This is a little poster I keep on my fridge.. it's a friendly reminder! (I purchased it at I like you in Minneapolis.)

I collect vintage deer & I have this cute built in, in my kicthen that they are all dispayed on. I found a little bag of vintage chicks & bunnies at a thrift store for
.25 cents & had to add them for Easter ( not shown in pics. but I have that little DIY banner I featured in the blog the other day hanging above them)

My vintage mushroom canister set found in my kitchen! I do have this same set for sale at my shop! ;)

My vintage skunk holding a daisy of course.. sitting by my sewing nook & all my thread! (This picture makes me extremely happy!)

I have quite the Black Apple collection which is the print of an original painting by the talented Emily Martin an artist from Portland! My Mom says they remind her of me! I also collect vintage crewel.. these are just a few of my favorite pieces!

I live in Wisconsin.. everyone needs a mounted deer on their wall! (J.K.) I also LOVE my deer by Katie of Skunkboy creatures! I had to have this one.. it has daisies on it! Yup.. she hangs in my living room! ;)

A peek at my little vintage Easter tree that I put out every year! I like to decorate for my kids, not over the top just a few things here & there! I thrifted the entire tree & all the ornaments. I updated it by covering the bottom in a modern flower pot & covered it in Easter grass! (not shown)

My new couch.. while I don't LOVE it, it fits in my apartment & that was the most important thing, but cover it in my favorite granny blanket & cute pillows sooo much better!

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my world!

p.s. Shop news.. it's kind a crummy Friday oustide. The classroom is open come & make some cute fabric covered eggs & or posy hair clips, or decopage tile coasters bring you friends. All projects are under $5.

Have a great day! Shop hours are 10-6!xo!

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