Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY: Easter garland!

I was working on a Easter garland for a cute little built in at my apartment & I thought it would be fun to share with you how I made it. I love the way it turned out & it was pretty simple & very affordable to make!

Step 1. Buy some pretty paper, you can buy as many different patterns & colors as you like.

Step 2. You will need an oval shape paper punch. (Tip: hobby lobby has them & if you get a 40% off coupon online they are a better deal!) I love mine! This is the same punch I use for the vintage tags at my shop! :)
Punch out as many as you would like to make it long. I did 26 ( you will need two for each piece, they will be double sided)

Step 3. Cut a piece of string or ric rac (which is what I used) to your desired length, be sure to leave at least 6 in. on each end for hanging.

Hot glue or use elmers glue to attach & sandwich the white sides together which makes it a double sided banner, space each oval about 3-4 in. apart.

That's it! It's sooo cute!

If you are not feeling crafty.. I did make a few to sell at my shop! $10. each.

They are great for Easter or really anytime!

I hope you enjoyed my little DIY! Shop hours are 10-6 today! Have a great day!! xo!

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