Monday, August 29, 2011

My new to me (1974 prowler) vintage camper!!

Happy Monday everyone!! I bought this camper on Sunday!!! Here is the story.. I was sitting home late Saturday evening checking out vintage campers on Craig's list & came across this one! The listing was too good to be true & it was too late at night to call on it!
I couldn't stop looking at it & the price was sooo reasonable! I slept on it, asked my husband to call in the morning & at that point realized that the seller had lowered the price by $150. so now it was an even better deal!

We (My Dad, husband & I)met up with the seller in Spring Green which is about 30 min. from my parents house & bought it! It is perfect!!!!

I have big plans to remodel it into a mobile shop for dainty daisies & daisy LOVE vintage! The camper even has a fitting room.. they gutted the bathroom made it into the closet & it makes a perfect fitting room. It has new tires, new roof & a canopy, cute pop up windows as well as a flag pole! Really.. COULD IT BE ANYMORE PERFECT?? :)
p.s. if you have been following my blog for awhile. I have been dreaming about this for a few months!

There is one problem.. I can't get it in my back yard so it will stay at my parents until spring when I plan to work on it & find a home for it!

I am soooo sooo excited! I plan on changing the inside & out .. it will be soo cute when I am done. I have been gathering ideas for awhile now! I will keep you guys posted through the entire project! * I am smiling ear to ear!* ;) I think it will be super fun to see it transform over time!

Happy Monday!! :)


ohshootphotography said...

that is amazing!!!! What an awesome find, and idea!!! So happy for you!

MaggieJ said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Becky said...

I can't wait to check out the rest of your blog for ideas, because I just got the same trailer from a friend of my dads. Loving my new vintage trailer!