Monday, June 1, 2009


Hehe! I busted our dog Buster taking a nap on my vintage quilt! Silly dog.. I bought the quilt last summer at a flea market! I instantly fell in love with all of the beautiful colors and fabrics. I guess Buster likes it too! :)

I have been busy sewing today. I am getting ready for gallery walk Saturday night where I will be the featured artist at Sweet Usoapia from 6-9 pm. Come and say Hi and see some new skirts, purses and accessories (plus more fun stuff!)

Happy Monday!!!!

Btw.. I am moving back to Market st. to be open by July 1st. The shop on Oregon will stay open until the move.
I will be at the shop this week Wed.9-2 Thur.9-2:45 Fri.9-2:45 and Sat.10-3 ... with a little moving sale! :)

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