Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 things I LOVE right now!

I have been feeling such a negative force lately! Seriously it has been one thing after another! Well finally I am feeling things turn around and I am determined to stay strong and positive! So I leave you with 10 things I LOVE right now! :)

1. My Suisse Mocha every morning!
2. My pink bike!
3. The thrifted black converse high tops for Max that he loves and wears everyday!
4. How much Jada loves to dance/sing and write.. I really think she will be a writer some day
5. Flowers.. they make me so happy!
6. The new camp skirts! I could wear one everyday!
7. My little beetle.. it is amazing how a cute car can change you & how much I love to drive it (it is not only a cute car, my dream car.. actually my dream is to own a beetle convertable too! Really I would take a beetle over a sports car anyday!)
8. headbands! I can't seam to stop wearing them or making them (I am obssessed! pics to come soon!)
9. My new vintage typewriter cardigan from Picture day! Love it!
10. ice cream sandwiches! (in the summer are perfect!)

and a bonus one.. How much my husband makes me laugh! He has been gone alot and I miss him! He makes me laugh!

Happy Tuesday!

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