Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birthday inspiration post!

   May is just around the corner & also happens to be my birthday month! I kind of love my birthday & I don't really know why.. I always have!  I think this will be my new motto for everyday....


 I love having a spring birthday! I pretty sure this would be the perfect skirt for my birthday celebrations!
 (skirt via ..

I am pretty sure the cake with the deer on it would be the BEST birthday cake ever.. not too mention the cutest! I do have a small vintage deer collection so of course I fell in love with it right away!
(I am not sure of the original photo credit)

  I was on the salt water sandals band wagon waaay before they started popping up all over the blogging world! ;) They are soo cute, comfy & come in such fun colors (I already have tan & navy). I have bought myself a new pair for the last few years for my birthday.. this year it is YELLOW! :)
(get them here.. )

& last but not least! I want this ring.. need this ring! The website it was linked to does not have it anymore! If anyone knows where to get this ring let me know! I love it!

So there you have it.. now you all know what would make me very happy on my birthday! ;) 
Happy Thursday!! xo!

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