Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Life lately...

.....has consisted of 
lots of making, craft shows &
our families.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with 
both of our families & 
now the hustle & bustle of the 
end of the holiday season! 
I swear it goes soooo fast each year!

I have been having a lot
of fun making these sweet little yarn 
wreaths & I am so thankful
that many of them found 
new homes this season. 

I tend to work on them late at 
night watching TV with a fire &
my hubby by my side. 

I recently got new glasses! I 
can't say enough about Zenni Optical. 
I love their glasses & you
can't beat their prices.

We had all of our kids this past weekend 
& headed out to cut down our tree..

well to save you from a really long but 
funny story we stopped by 
Lowe's & picked this fresh tree.

It's really beautiful but
not exactly what we had planned
thanks to a bad website with a link address
to a parking lot
& no time! 

I have two more shows this 
season but I am looking forward to 
enjoying the season & trying to slow it 


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