Monday, January 20, 2014

Wedding inspiration!!!

Friday we booked the chapel &
Hall that we will be holding our wedding at this
July! I am sooo excited! It's just outside
of Holy Hill near Milwaukee &
it's absolutely perfect!
We want the wedding simple,
fun with little meaningful
details that are all about us & our kids!
The above photo's are of the chapel.
We are not going to decorate much but instead
add a statement piece like the
mixed paper backdrop
behind us at the alter so
it can later be moved to the Hall.

We have also decided on a potluck,
 picnic theme.
I am planning touches of gingham, red solo
cups ect.! I have also started saving tins
to hold flowers at the tables!

One of the things I think I am
the most nervous/excited about
is my bouquet. I am allergic to
a lot of flowers so
I am planning on making mine out of felt!
I love the picture below!

I took the top two photo's
& the others were found via pinterest or
google images!
I apologize for not having links.
Stay tuned for more inspiration
& wedding talk! ;) I am
soooo excited! Now back to
planning a craft show & making cute
Happy Monday! xoxo! 

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