Sunday, September 28, 2008

Organic make-up......

I have been having skin issues ever since my son was born... I am told hormones gone wild! ugggh! I was told by a Dr. once the best thing is less is more & the more natural the better. Lucky for me I have a soap making aromatherapy knowledged friend/bus. partner & just using natural Sweet Usoapia brands have helped sooo much. The thing I struggle with most is make-up. I wear very little because I have allergies (The hayfever type) and rub my eyes ect.. so No eye make-up or lipstick ect. I was using some sort of Mineral make-up and was not loving it...but I need something cause my skin gets really red.. long story short I ran out (and remembered at about 11:00 pm) and forgot to get more. A late night run to Walgreens ended up with a fabulous purchase of a organic wear bronzer (just a tad of color) & powder in earth friendly packaging! It was also affordable! So far I love it & just found the website to pass a long! Here ya go... Check it out!

Have a great weekend! :)

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Sweet Usoapia said...

Guess what?!?! That is the brand of facial powder and blush that I use! I love it too! You are so smart lady! Have a fantabulous day!