Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A great afternoon at The little Farmer!

The kids had early dismissal today so we walked home from school got in the car and drove around lake winnebago to the Fond du Lac area to visit two of our favorite apple orchards! We stopped at a smaller one first to buy our favorite *honey crisp* apples and some AWESOME homemade donuts and then drove about 15 miles to the next for an hour at The little farmer! It is such a great place for kids to see and set in such beautiful countryside! I also figured out what was wrong with my camera.. the rechargeable batteries were shot! It is amazing!!! Check out some of the great pictures I took today! :)

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Sweet Usoapia said...

Sounds like a great use of early dismissal! Is that camera for sale? The ony you can see reflected in your sunglasses? lol! Misha