Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flowers everywhere.... Spring is here!

Wow the weather has been amazing! I am still working on my spring and summer inventory! I just finished up the last of my A lines skirts and now onto the wraps skirts ect. I am stocking up this year instead of waiting until the week before a show! Lol! I tend to put things off a bit! I love spring so much! It is warm enough to wear skirts (I have one of my own on right now) and flip flops!Yay! I also love the signs of spring Tulips popping up here and there.... I purchased some hardy spring flowers the first of many! I have also been working on some new rings (the white daisy one is mine, of course! ;) . Max turns 4 on Monday the 30th and we will be celebrating this weekend, so off to plan a party! I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine too!

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