Friday, April 27, 2007


I am so excited! My clothing will be in a local fashion show! It may be low key and local but what a cool thing! I am kind of bummed a bit though because it is my sons B-day party and we have had it planned for quite some time, so I won't be able to attend! Thanks so much to Misha (from Sweet Usoapia) for coordinating it all for me~ she gathered the models and is delivering the clothing! THANK YOU!!!! :) Like I said I am soo excited, I just wish I could be there to see my clothing on the runway! I took some quick shots of the clothing, before it left my house! Gosh I have butterflies over this! (goods one though) Max turns 4 monday(where does the time go?)So we are having a wonderful weekend of celebration! I will adding a few new things to my shop and then the next update will not be til' next week!
To find out more about the fashion show and Destination Downtown April,28th 2007 at the Algoma club. Contact these local shops Stella & Finn at 920-230-6677 or Blonde Russian at 920-651-1260 . It will be a great day of local support for our downtown shops!
Have fun and Happy Friday!

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