Thursday, October 22, 2015

I ♥ Fall!

I  love Fall! 
I love the coziness of
this time of year & I think 
that is when I fall in 
love with warm coffee drinks all over again. 

I used to be pretty set in my ways with coffee
but I have been trying new things. 
I work from home so many
days I don't even leave my house.. 
let alone get to the coffee shop.
I must say I do love 
our local coffee shops here in 
Oshkosh so it is a treat for me! :)

I came up with a new morning coffee
that tastes better then the average 
caramel cafe latte. 
I bring 1 1/2 cups of milk (I use skim)'
to a boil & add 3 heaping 
tablespoons of Maxwell House international
vanilla caramel latte mix!
So yummy! You could even 
add whip cream if you want!
It's my new Fall favorite treat! 

I also recently (as in yesterday)
finally got my hair cut! I went 
pretty short again &

I had to show off my new knit cowl
that I traded my friend Vanessa
of Baily Belle for &
my recently thrifted Fall
jumper (I beleive it was $1.99)

Happy Fall!!! 

I added a new show to my list so 
NEXT UP... The Artery holiday show
in Downtown Appleton Nov. 7th! 
(I will post more info. soon)


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