Wednesday, January 14, 2015


January inspiration...
I have the itch to cut off all
of my hair! It's been over a year!
I think its a record for me.
I love this cute cut...
... my husband & I are currently
obsessed with Tiny homes!
I like the idea of living simple
& really enjoying life!
I have never really
been a fan of big houses
& I find it intriguing
 to live in a space
under 200 sq ft.
Plus the homes are sooo cute, stylish
& many look so cozy!

  I wonder if I could fit this cute sewing
space in a Tiny home?
I guess I would have to. ;) I think
a vintage/retro Tiny home
space would be in store for us!

On to work stuff! ;)
I have been busy sewing up more flannel
skirts for a etsy shop update,
hopefully by Friday.
I am also getting inventory
made & sent out to shops after a
crazy, busy holiday season!
p.s. If you would like
to join my mailing list
I only send out about 1 or 2 emails a month
& you can unsubscribe anytime.
I will notify you of shows,
sales in my etsy shop & new items! :)
Have a great day! xo!

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