Friday, May 4, 2012

Sew Cute! The new tee's are in...

I am soooo excited! My new tee's for the shop are in!
This is just 1 of the many designs that I had made exclusively for dainty daisies!

Sew cute huh? ;)

I came up with a base idea.. approached Drew & Mary from Offbeat press/progress label, they worked their magic & made them come to life! I could not be happier!!
I will have better pictures soon.. but they are at the shop NOW! :)

 I have a few different t-shirt designs, 2 different t-shirt dresses that
 I can't wait to wear & a cute tank top!
I had our website printed on the back of the neck! I like how simple & clean it turned out!

The designs that are available are "sew cute" & "get crafty" as well as a cute get crafty with yarn & knitting needles... coming soon our scissor tee & our other get crafty design!
 I can't wait to share them all with you!

Stop on down to the shop & grab one while they are in stock!
Shop hours are 10-6 today & 10-4 Saturday!

Have a great day!! xo!

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